Hunt For Redemption Winner, Cat Daddy and The Clue Solvers!


     We would like to congratulate Cat 

Daddy and The Clue Finders led by registered player Madeline Lacamu!  Just hours after unlocking the Final Riddle I received the Picture below stating, "We Found It!"   Which puzzled me because the parks hours of operation are listed from dawn till dusk. When I called and asked how they already found the key she said,"We decided to drive by and check it out and the gates were open so we continued to hunt!"  And Because of that, she was wired $500 through Paypal the next morning as her reward.

     It's the individual or team with the most perseverance an determination get out there and win a treasure hunt sometimes. Congratulations Madeline and your team for finding the key before the other teams. All of the Clues along with answers are attached with pictures and explanations are listed below.

     Thank you all for being part of this free event. Our next event will begin on December 14th benefiting the Houston Food Bank coupled with a food drive to help alleviate the loss of 1.8 Million pounds of food last week. 1/3 of all proceeds will be donated to their cause.

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Thank you all so much for playing.

See you in Houston in two weeks!!!

Hidden Treasure Hunts Team