Sample Riddles


Do you have what it takes to solve all the clues?

Sample Clue # 1

Flowers on a ledge

A walk down the lane

To solve this clue

Enter the number of stairs times window panes.

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 Sample Clue # 2

Plantains, a ship  .

A basket of beans .

Aztec descendants .

And 3 earrings .

A great feat .

Superb engineering .

The answer to this .

Keeps the soul persevering .


 Sample Clue # 3  


Bones of the living .

Bones of the dead .

Aztechian symbols will put you ahead .

There is one common theme here .

What could it be? .

Spell it out in it's entire tea .

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Sample Clue # 4  


Hoofs on the ground .

Light in a tree .

When you solve this one .

A step closer you'll be .

Key: Flowers(x)Horns(-)Books=  .

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 Sample Clue # 5

 Misty Copeland, Anna Pavlova .

Find out what they do .

Then come on over .

There are 2 background colors .

Which one sticks out .

Feet touching the ground .

Is what it's about .

Clockwise or counter .

If you choose the right way .

Get the numbers in sequence .

And your efforts will pay .

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 Sample Clue # 6  

Guardians of the mountains .  

Guardians of the seas .

Guardians of Fire .

And of Japanese .

It doesn't have feet .

It doesn't have wings .

But definitely has other pointy things .

Key: Teeth(-)Swirls(x)Claws=  .

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Sample Clue # 7

 Friend to the butterfly .

 Friend to the bee .

 Friend the to  empire .

 Recycling with ease .


 If you wish to get passed the man with the blues .

 you must first answer the key to this clue .


 Key:41,16,43,31,10,29,12, 2,45,50,9,51,36, 11,48,54,44,9 .

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 Sample Clue # 8

 Jumping Blue Mohawk .

Red Boot Emoji .

Buy all the tokens .

Spend all your money .

Rocketman gray  .

One Ninja that's green .

The answers a dwarf if you know what that means .

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to decipher this clue. .


 Sample Clue # 9

If cats had two lips .

Picasso might pedal .

Key: Petals(x)Eyes= .

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To solve this clue .              


 Sample Clue # 10  

There is an effect .

Time changes time .

It flaps around .

In your stomach sometimes .

Nearly never on the ground .

But, there is only one word  .

To unlock your next rhyme .

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Sample Clue # 11 

If you are having fun and clues are your passion .

Then finding the next clue will be so in fashion .

 Count the number of red X's and the # of blue O's  .

Plus the # of dots on one of their clothes .

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 . .

Sample Clue # 12 


Boom box red .

Sax made of yellow .

Multiple colors painted a chello .

Roses and hearts and splashes of blue .

Solve the key and you'll get your next clue. .Key: Treble clefs (+) instruments (-) number of white painted notes .

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               . .

  Sample Clue # 13 


Fruit on the ground .

Sun in the sky .

Eggs in the yard .

And a basket of Rye .

Key: 43, 5, 20, 37, 57  .


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Sample Clue # 14

Stop for a second and view it with pride .

This one looks like a bus on its side .

Jefferson, Beaumont, and BBQ beans .

The answers a starship if you know what that means. .

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 Sample Clue # 15

To find this clue .

You must Van Gogh .

To the Starry Night .

And sunflower show .

Angels call down from Mt. Zion .

To wish you joy and they aint lion .

Key: Enter the Number of Sunflowers times the number of wings .

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Sample Clue #16

A newsboy with a brassie

Solve this one and your so classy

Say what he’s doing with speed to proceed.

Sample Clue #17

Find this one and it’ll be a hoot

Solve it and get closer to the loot

Key: Oculus (+) Auditory (x) Nibs =

Sample Clue #18

Tortoise, Gator, and Fishies alike

You may find this one while riding a bike

Or a walk in the park with foliage so green.

The answers a dugout if you know what that means

Sample Clue #19

A pie in the sky

Led countless on a great stride

So here’s a little more

This key unlocks the door

Updated Key: 56,60,44,83,20,64,81,73,


Sample Clue #20

Savior on a mountain

Sombrero tilted high

Solve this one

And you may plant one

Sample Clue #21

A mustache with glasses

To heal the masses

Whirlybirds display the missive

Sample Clue #22

Served as acting Governor for a day

She lit the way for Nixon’s demise

Find this one and count the stars

Multiplied by the total stripes.

Sample Clue #23

Find sexagenary octagons

And you may see blue flames burn til dawn

Make a key that spins like Venus

And you will solve this one in minutes

Key: 22,32,15,11,39,24,36,28,40,12,29

Sample Clue #24

Keep your head in the clouds and you may go far

Soaring above limitations in a plane, not a car

Solve the key and you may see

A new tomorrow could really be

Updated Key: 6,17,20,13,9

Sample Clue #25

Ribbons are pink

Headbands are blue

Her beauty comes from within

And proclaimed “I love you more….”

Complete the quote to proceed

Sample Clue #26

When a moonwalker rests

And the Texas stand guard

This acts as a cushion

On a well trimmed yard

Sample Clue #27

This building hides in the bushes

Sample Clue #28

Multicultural tiger stare

Rhino points to darken hair

Everything is all girl power

The answer is the only flower

Sample Clue #29

If you put your music in the cloud

Your horn can play the blues out loud

Pink and yellow and black are key

The certain something comes in three