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Hidden Treasure Hunts

Strengthening Communities Through Art, Adventure, Confusion, and Compassion


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Riddle 1

A newsboy with a brassie

Solve this one and your so classy

Say what he’s doing with speed to proceed.

Riddle 2 

Find this one and it’ll be a hoot

Solve it and get closer to the loot

Key: Oculus (+) Auditory (x) Nibs (=)

Riddle 3

Tortoise, Gator, and Fishies alike

You may find this one while riding a bike

Or a walk in the park with foliage so green.

The answers a dugout if you know what that means

Riddle 4

A pie in the sky

Led countless on a great stride

So here’s a little more

This key unlocks the door

Updated Key: 56,60,44,83,20,64,81,73

Riddle 5

Savior on a mountain

Sombrero tilted high

Solve this one

And you may plant one

Riddle 6

A mustache with glasses 

To heal the masses

Whirlybirds display the missive

Riddle 7

Served as acting Governor for a day

She lit the way for Nixon’s demise

Find this one and count the stars

Multiplied by the total stripes.

Riddle 8

Find sexagenary octagons 

And you may see blue flames burn til dawn

Make a key that spins like Venus

And you will solve this one in minutes

Key:  22,32,15,11,39,24,36,28,40,12,29

Riddle 9

Keep your head in the clouds and you may go far

Soaring above limitations in a plane, not a car

Solve the key and you may see

A new tomorrow could really be

Updated Key:  6,17,29,13,9

Riddle 10

Ribbons are pink

Headbands are blue

Her beauty comes from within

And proclaimed “I love you more….”

Complete the quote to proceed

Riddle 11

When a moonwalker rests

And the Texas stand guard

This acts as a cushion 

On a well trimmed yard

Riddle 12

This building hides in the bushes

Riddle 13

Multicultural tiger stare

Rhino points to darken hair

Everything is all girl power

The answer is the only flower

Riddle 14

If you put your music in the cloud 

Your horn can play the blues out loud

Pink and yellow and black are key

The certain something comes in three

Riddle 15

Okay, so you think you know all the answers huh?

So prove it by solving the master key

Go back through all of your correct answers to decode it



Where We Are, And Where We're Going

Beaumont, TX


The Debut City Where Hidden Treasure Hunt's Vision Came To Life.  The First Hunt Is In progress.  Thank You To Beaumont Animal Care And SETX ARTS For All The Help Along The Way. Couldn't Have Gotten Here Without You.  We Will Continue To Plan Monthly Hunts Here As We Continue To Spread.

Houston, TX

Houston Hidden Treasure Hunts, donations to chariy

Check Your Solve Houston

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Austin, TX (coming soon!)


Members Of Our Team Are On The Ground Designing Austin's Mini Mural Themed Treasure Hunt. We Will Have An Update Soon For The Partnerships For This Hunt.

Chicago, IL (Pre-Registration Open!)

Hidden Treasure Hunts Chicago, donation to charity

 Members Of Our Team Are On The Ground Designing Chicago's Building Mural Themed Treasure Hunt. Check Back For More Info In The Coming Weeks!   There are two sample riddles available that we have derived from their beautiful murals around the city.   This riddle pertains to the artwork above. Here it is.

Friend to the butterfly

Friend to the bee

Friend the to  empire

Recycling with ease

If you wish to get passed the man that is blue.

First you must answer the key to this clue

Key:41,16,43,31,10,29,12, 2,45,50,9,51,36, 11,48,54,44,9

Check your solve

Pittsburgh, PA (coming soon!)


  Members Of Our Team Are On The Ground In Pittsburgh, PA  Building Mural Themed Treasure Hunt. Check Back For More Info Soon!

Dallas, TX (coming soon!)


Dallas Texas Mural Themed Treasure Hunt Is Under Construction!!! Check Back Soon For More Info!

About Us


Our Vision

It is our dominant intent to make dreams come true with every hunt that we do.  To create a sense of comradery within our community, and to lend a helping hand to local causes and charity organizations in need of assistance with donations to charity. In fact!  Every single treasure hunt we will be donating one-third of all profits to the less fortunate.  It's our way of saying thank you by giving back.


Up to $100,000 To The Winner Of Each Hunt.

Registration is now open to the first 10,000 entries.  Hurry! Space is limited.  Simply pay the entry fee at the level you desire, sign our Release Waiver, and fill out our Registration form.  Then keep an eye on your email because we will be notifying you once we have received all entries.  At 12 o'clock midnight, on the day of the hunt, we will email everyone who has completed all necessary prerequisites.   

Join The Hunt!

Charities Will Receive Up To $50,000

At registration closing, 1/3 of all business profits will be donated to the charity chosen for that particular hunt.  We believe that by being humble ,and helping a great cause will bring a fresh new business diversity to our future endeavors and partnerships.

Endless Pawsibilities: Donating 1/3 of all profits to Houston SPCA's lifesaving work.

It's All About The Hunt!

Houston's Endless Pawsibilities Treasure Hunt Details:

    One Grand Prize Winner Will Take Home Up To $100,000 And Become A Member The Winners Circle .   This Hunt Will Also Generate Up To $50,000 in generous donations to charity. This hunt showcases Houston SPCA's life saving work.  

     We Believe Giving Back Is The Key To  Any Successful Venture.  It's Our Way Of Saying Thank You, And Creating  A Sense Of Comradery In Our Community with every single event production.  So Do It For You, And The Less Fortunate.  What Are You Waiting For? Click Here To Get Started!